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Step 1

Register for a free Renter Account using your basic contact info and email.

Step 2

Fill out and submit the Renter Waitlist form. We gather your ideal location, budget, ideal move-in date, and some other criteria that property management companies or landlords are interested in.

Step 3

Let our matchmaking bring some possible rental opportunities to you. We will call or email you if we have found something that matches your criteria.

Reusable Renter Application

Tired of paying multiple application fees?

Partnyr leverages a Reusable Renter Application and Renter Score. After you're scored, you can 1-click apply to any properties on the platform without paying another fee.

Saving Renters Time, Money, and Pain

Our mission is to make renting easy. Here are some of the ways we do that:

Reusable Renter Applications

We made the Reusable Renter Application to put an end to having renters fill out a slightly-different-form at every Property Management Company.


The Partnyr team and its platform is always looking for how we can find your next ideal rental. We will proactively let you know if we have found a potential match.

Renter Score™

We created the Renter Score™ to measure a renter's eligibility and trustworthyness because there's so much more that goes into a person than just their credit score alone.

Renter Scorecard™

Partnyr shows you and any manager of a rental you apply to the same scorecard info. That way you know where you stand and your odds of being approved.

Property Reviews

Review your past rental properties you've rented at to help other people looking for their next place.

Manager Reviews

Praise the property managers or landlords that are great to work with or expose the ones that treated you unfairly.

Superior Support

This is more than a company to us. This is a calling! We can't afford anything less but to give our best support to you.

Data Integrity

We take data very seriously. Data is secured in every way possible and every security mechanism is in place to protect our customers' data.

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